Kelly G - Why I love going on trips with Judy, Rocco I don't know where to start. There so many reasons! I am able to sit back and relax and have a good time everybody friendly

Claudia K - I have been traveling with Judy for over 25 years.....now I travel with a friend but used to travel with my mom....she loved Judy and Rocco and they made her feel special. She passed away 2 years ago but each time I travel with Judy and Rocco I know she is there in spirit....
great people great tours! Thanks

Hettie D - Travelling with Judy is like travelling with family. You are greeted by name and with a smile. You are honored on your birthday as evidenced by the pictures shown on Judy's Facebook page. Everyone receives a gift, even if it is a pen or a bookmark or a candy. The best part is hearing Rocco sing!!

Margaret O - Judy, Rose and Rocco are three of the friendliest people we have met. They made us feel at home. My friend and I felt like we had known them all our lives. Also, Judy has arranged wonderful tours with lots of free play for reasonable rates. You can’t miss with Judy’s Tours!

David P - I recently took my first tour with my parents and didn't know what to expect. When I arrived, I was warmly welcomed by both Judy and her husband Rocco. The bus ride was relaxing and the seats were comfortable. Judy kept the ride fun and was informative

Darlene D - I have never been on any of your tours but have always wanted to!!!! If I win it would be a great opportunity considering I always think of others and almost never take time off of work for myself and its extremely rare that I even take vacations!!!!
I could Really Use the BREAK - for sanity reasons!!!!!

Buzz W. - One of the best tours you could take. Win, lose, or draw, fun is always in the air. I’ve taken one many times over and always come back for more. Can’t wait till next year to start over. Great people, Judy and Rocco the best. You pretty much see the same people, what does that tell you?

Becky S.- We had a great time! We came home with a little money (very little ! Lol! ). But it was a lot of fun and look forward to some trips next year!

Beverly L We both like Judy's Tours, sit back and enjoy the ride while winning prizes and small gifts every time, also the get back play money after you pay for the trip, the company of Judy , Rocco, and her sister are terrific Hosts. enjoy the ride!!!!!!!!!!!

Marcia C - My husband & I went on the trip to Del Lago yesterday. Rose told us about the Surprise Giveaway to enter but did not say what the Giveaway was. I guess that's the surprise. Anyways, You could tell from the moment you meet Judy, Rocco and Rose that they put all their Heart & Soul into what they do. They are so passionate about their business. Always have a good time & have no stress with the driving & Kudos to the Bus drivers who bring us home Safely. Can't forget John - It was nice to finally meet John so now I can place a face with the voice. Good Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Judy L - Love Judy's tours!! Always feel safe even when out of the country (Punta Cana) knowing that if something happens, Judy & her sidekicks would be right there. Bus trips are a hoot.....lots of motivation to get involved & enjoy, and perhaps win a little too!!! Hope to see you all soon! Judy & Georg

Joanne D - My husband and I started traveling with Judy's Tours five years ago when we started our retirement. We have done a lot of day trips and several over night trips, each time coming home very satisfied and happy that we went. Judy and her husband Rocco run a first class tour company and make you feel special and welcome!
We can't wait to book great another trip with them!

Colleen Z - Gotta love Judy's pair a dice tours, from the timely pick up through the ride to your destination you will be treated to a fun, entertaining time. The busses are top of the line and comfortable. You get treats, games and lots of entertainment all the way. Once you get to your destination you'll have the best accommodations and every time I go everything is taken care of and the best possible.

Karen S - Love going on trips with Judy , Rocco, and Rosie. All so friendly and fun to be with. Love that we can sit back and relax, no stress of driving. And we get to socialize. Judy's tours is always looking to make trips more interesting and fun! Love it!!

Linda Z - This was the last trip I took with my mother in law Mary Lou at Judy's tours! We planned on going on more trips, but she got ill, and passed away....would love to make a memory with my husband with this getaway! Judy's tours rock!

Shirley L - We have been traveling with Judy's Tours for a number of years. Never ever was disappointed with the trips we took. We did overnight and three day trips. Everything was coordinated never a problem with luggage or free play. We just love Judy & Rocco.-Great people and lots of fun. We always feel welcome and we got our friends to go with us. They also love the trips.

Sandra W - Wayne and I never had so much fun going on a bus tour than we've had with Judy's-Pair-A-Dice. The bus drivers make you feel safe while you're traveling and if you have Rocco on your bus.well................He is so much fun and has a good singing voice